Saturday, January 8, 2011

My One Little Word

ACHIEVE. That's my word for 2011. I've got a lot of goals that I'd like to achieve this year and since there is no real theme to them, I figured focusing on just the generic would be best. Unless you can come up with a way to connect knitting, weight loss and finishing a bunch of random projects? Yeah, me neither. :D

So, ACHIEVE it is. I'm hoping to make something with the word ACHIEVE on it. Not sure if I'll be making a banner for my scrap room or a plaque or a layout. But, I know I want to make something, just so I don't forget it. :)

Have you picked a word? Did you make something to help remind you of it throughout the year?


LollyChops said...

I totally love your word!

I am not sure what mine is going to be yet! I need to get it together!

Meegan said...

I did pick a word - ORGANIZE. I need to organize a lot of different areas in my life - my priorities, my home, my garage, my craft room, and my thoughts. I haven't made anything with the word yet, but I did start one project that will help me immensely - I began to organize my coupons into a binder. I have to say, it already was much easier to do some quick grocery shopping today when I could just flip to the correct categories for my coupons.