Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

We started out our day with Bull's Eyes using a heart shaped cookie cutter. :)

It's one of my dad's specialties.

Both the kids love them!

Lunch continued the heart theme with pink grapefruit and PB & J's cut out with the same cookie cutter. (Note to self, Mickey no longer likes grapefruit!)

After lunch we ran errands. First to the post office.
And then to the grocery store. As a special Valentine's treat, I let the kids bring their own grocery carts.

They had so much fun and got a lot of attention. (Note to self-there are a lot more people at the store in the early afternoon than you thought there would be.)

We had a lot of fun at the store but the best part was we ran into someone special! Granny!!!

We saw her at the check out and talked her into having a snack with us. We had the yummiest mini oatmeal cookie sandwiches.
Mickey picked the ones with pink frosting for us for Valentine's Day. He's such a sweetie!

Granny's not a fan of getting her picture taken (go back and check out her expression if you don't believe me) so I handed off the camera to her and made her take my pic. We got this awesome one of me and Mickey.

And, my new favorite picture! I know Mickey's looking the wrong way and Aud's got a mouthful of cookie but it's me! With my kids!!! LOVE IT!!!!! This picture is going to get scrapped a couple times and will also be making an appearance in a 5x7 frame. (Note to self-92 year olds make great photographers!)

For dinner, I made some homemade pizza dough and we had a heart shaped pizza! (Andrew got a normal shaped one because we put his on the circular tray, no room for a heart.)
Here are my Valentine's loading up the heart-shaped pizza.

Mmmm, Canadian Bacon & Pineapple! Andrew hates this and we love it! Although, Mickey had a slice of Andrew's pepperoni pizza.
Oh, and I wanted to post this earlier but I so ran out of time. :)

These were the Valentines that Mickey gave out at his preschool party last Thursday. I saw them last year and hoped I'd remember to do them once he finally had classmates to give them to! LOL!

They turned out really well and Mickey loved them. Win-win, baby!!!
Did you guys have a good Valentine's Day? :)

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Heather said...

what a lovely day with your valentines & I love Mickeys Valentine - great idea that can be used for allsorts of occassions :)