Wednesday, March 2, 2011

President's Day Weekend Crop Games!

One of the coolest things about my scrappy getaway over President's Day was that I got to play some really fun crop games. Now, I've played crop games before but none of them were ones that ended up with a completed layout!

Our first game was "Bossy Scrapper". One gal is Bossy and picks nine or ten items that we have to use on our layouts and away we go! She announces one item every five minutes or so and then after the last item is announced we get about 15 minutes to finish up our layouts. So fun and such a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

This was my layout from the first Bossy Scrapper game. I made a pink boy layout! I used the pretty Be Mine line from Echo Park to scrap Mickey's first Valentine!

I made a paper rosette to replace the actual lollipop because I didn't want to have candy in my album! Hee!
The second game we played was called "Round Robin". For this game, everyone picks out a background piece of paper and a photo or photos and lightly adheres it to the sheet. We then write out a little info about the picture on the back of the paper and pass it to the person on the left. Everyone works on the layout on their table for five minutes and then we pass it to the person on the left and so on and so forth until it comes back to us.

This was my layout. I was so happy with how it turned out. Two of the gals at the crop sewed on my layout!!! Machine sewed!!! Yay!!! Isn't it cool?

Side note: There were like five sewing machines at the crop! Five! My desire to get my act together and actually sew on my layouts has been renewed and it's now one of my goals. :)
We played another round of Bossy Scrapper, and I used my new favorite picture. It's a very Kim Holmes inspired layout as I scrapped 5x7, I didn't think too much about the size of the gingham patterned paper that I cut and I tilted my photo/paper grouping! This one was such a fun round and I loved how this layout turned out. I even used Punky Sprouts products on it! Check out the banner it's made of Lil' Petals!
The last game we played, we were down to eight girls and they decided that Grab Bag would be a fun one to play. They were right! We all put four pieces of paper (at least 6x6) in the paper bag and four embellishments in the embellishments bag and then Kim walked around the room and we each grabbed one piece of paper and one embellishment until we all had four pieces of paper and four embellies. Then, we had to make a layout that used all our stuff. We could alter it or hide it and we could add stuff to it but we had to use all our grab bag items.

I sooooo loved this game! I was actually the second one finished with my layout and that says something as I was the last one finished with my layout on every other game. Seriously, the last one each time! Anyway, I used everything that I pulled and I only added some staples, the chipboard "1" and the strip of lace. And, I love it! :)

I'm thinking that I'll be using some of these games when I'm having mojo issues at home. :)

Have you ever played any make-a-layout games before?

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joscelyne cutchens said...

cute layouts! but REALLY! how could you play bossy scrapper without me? the bossiest of all ;) heeee