Monday, April 11, 2011

Audrey's Tutu Sweet Birthday Party! ***The Decorations***

Okay, I was only going to do two posts and not three but man, I took a lot of pictures!!! So, in order for it not to take a year to load...three posts. :) This post is just some shots of the dining room area. I decided around Mickey's 3rd birthday to stick to decorating only this one room otherwise I might go too nuts and stress myself out more than I needed too. :) The fluted bowl in the lower right hand corner is actually from my uncle, it used to belong to one of my great-grandmothers and has roses in it so I like to dig it out for Little Miss Audrey Rose. The platter with the animal cookies and sugar wafers also belonged to one of my great-grandmothers and has a similar rose pattern. I know that was technically the kitchen but the rest of this is just the dining room, I promise! Heh! I got a bunch of bandannas in springy colors because I figured I could decorate with them and then she could play dress up with them as well. I draped two over that window in the picture and the other over the glass sliding door. I also draped a white feather boa over the light fixture. I added that (and two others) to her dress up wardrobe as well.
You can see the other boa here and I change all the pictures on the shelves from both kids to just the birthday child. The little hanging lanterns I picked up at Dollar Tree. Love that store! Oh, and her lavender boa.
Here's a close up of the table and cupcakes. The dress form was white but I sprayed it pink. It's either going in her room to hold hair accessories or it will be sprayed aqua or white and used to display stuff if I do more craft fairs this summer. The little plates on either side are also from great-grandmothers and the butterfly is one of a bunch that I got at Dollar Tree and just tucked here and there.
Finally, here's the little set up with her subway art. Her pink, white and lavender tutu is tucked under the cake stand and there are more butterflies (and a few Dollar Tree birds) as well as the hot pink boa. That girl is going to be set in the dress up department!
Okay, so next up will be a recap of the party and Miss Thing's three (yes, three!) wardrobe changes!

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