Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Baby No More!

My baby is two years old today! So, I'm going to have to quit calling her a baby. Man, it's gonna be rough. :) This is the view I see on most days. Aud is my little Klingon. She's either wanting to picked up and carried or she wants to hold my hand. :) She's especially clingy right after nap time. She's not quite as bad as Mickey was but she still needs a little love or a lot of distraction when she first wakes up during the day. She's a happy little thing and so fun to have around. She's quite the talker and the other day one of Mickey's preschool teachers asked when she turns three. LOL! We are a family of talkers, I guess. :D
I'm massively in love with her hair! Andrew keeps wanting me to cut it but there's no way I can chop off those curls!!!
She's really interested in growing up. She's taught herself to drink out of a big girl cup, she can half get herself dressed (she can get herself completely undressed too, yikes!) and she heads straight for the big slide in the backyard and ignores the toddler one.
I call her my little maniac. :) She runs everywhere and gives the tightest hugs and her favorite phrases right now are "I win!", "I did it!" and "Don't like it!". I could live without that last one.

These last two years with our Little Miss Thing have been wonderful. She's a great kid and I know how lucky we are to have such a sweetie in our family.

Happy Birthday, Audrey Rose, we love you!!!!


Christie said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! And I agree with your mom, don't cut your curls! Too Cute! :-)

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday!! I dont usually comment but just had to say please dont cut those curls! (Youll probably get alot of comments like that, show them to your husband and that might change his mind about cutting them!) They are GORGEOUS! And I love love love that first photo :)

Heather said...

Aww Erica she is a gorgeous little lady and I hope she had a fabulous birthday xx