Monday, April 18, 2011

Sheet Music Flower Tutorial

Hi guys! I posted this on the DP forum but thought I should share it here, too. It's how I made the flower on my Christmas card that was in Paper Crafts. (squeal!)

Hi guys! Here's the other tutorial I promised you. Sorry the colors are a little wonky, if you have any questions let me know! First up, here's what you'll need. Sheet music (or other thin paper), spray mist (water will work, too), a scalloped circle punch and some pretty brads.

Start off by punching seven circles out of your sheet music.

Mist them, you don't have to be too thorough but you do want them wet. If you want a more intense color, flip them over and mist the other side as well. I didn't on mine because I wanted the yellowed vintage sheet music to show more.

Now, crumple them up!

Flatten them out and allow them to dry.

When they are dry (or just barely damp) stack them up and poke a hole in the middle. I found it's easier to do this with a piercer than to do it during the next step.

Insert your pretty brad in the hole and flatten the prongs in the back.

Now, crumple and smoosh (two highly technical terms) the top layer around your brad.

Continue with the rest of the layers until you've crumpled them all.

Now, gently unfold each layer starting with the bottom one. Don't flatten it out, you want to leave it rather fluffy, and you're done!

Here are a couple of variations. You can ink the edges of them before you stack them and after it's all done, you can remist it to add more color if you'd like. I can't wait to see your flowers!!!! :D

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Nicole said...

SUPER-DEE-DUPER Cute!! Love it!