Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mickey's Miracle-5/6/11

Here's what happened on Friday. There are some more pics of Mickey hooked up to lines and tubes. He's sedated in the first one but mainly just asleep in the second one and you can really see the difference in his face. He just looks so much more normal. Oh, and I decided to change the post title to Mickey's Miracle instead of Mickey's Accident. It just seems more fitting. :)


Friday, at four in the morning, they started to rewarm him and take him off some of the drugs. He woke up a few times during that process and he looked around then he looked right at me and mouthed "Ma-ma"! I was so happy to see that recognition in his eyes. He was still pretty out of it and would thrash around and kept trying to take his tube out and pull on all his lines. Andrew and I took turns calming him down.
He had an MRI scheduled for that afternoon and I got a shower! It took quite a while and they ended up having to sedate him again. Once that was done they said he could be extubated (remove the tube that was helping him breath) but we had to wait for the results of the MRI because they wanted to know if they could remove his neck collar safely. There was some concern about possibly needing to re-intubate him as the tube used was a bit too big for him and they were afraid that if there was swelling once the larger tube was removed, he'd had trouble breathing.

When he was waiting to be extubated, he mouthed, "Hi, Mom" to me. I was so excited to see that as Mama is something that either a scared, drugged four year old would say or something that a damaged child might say. He also was mouthing "I want to go home" and once I thought he said "I'm scared". The doctors told us that they were cautiously optimistic that we'd be taking home a little boy who was the same as the one we had before. They did say that he'd probably go home with a neck brace and I told them that I was just happy they were talking about us taking him home.

My mom and step-dad came up and so I got to see Audrey and Mom came in to see Mickey. He woke up enough to recognize her and then went right back to sleep.
He was extubated very late that night and that was a little rough as we were waiting on the MRI results and they kept getting pushed back. It was about ten or eleven at night and we hadn't slept and we were exhausted. He also had a fever and they were a little concerned about pneumonia. We took turns sleeping with Mickey as he was pretty distraught and hooked up to quite a few things even without the breathing tube. Andrew was wonderful with Mickey and it was so good to see him relax with his Daddy. His breathing was very labored and he had to have oxygen that night. He could talk but only in a whisper. They weren't (and still aren't) sure if that was due to the overlarge tube or to the original incident. But, it wasn't worrying enough that they had to re-intubate him.

So, that was Friday. All in all a good day. A day where I started to get less scared and more hopeful. I was still afraid that something bad was going to happen and all his progress would slip away though. Every time that started to happen and it started to overwhelm me, I'd slip out to the computers where on Facebook I could see all the people who were praying for him and I'd cry and feel so much better.


Scrappi Sandi said...

A Miracle indeed! Seeing him mouth 'Hi Mom' must have been so emotional for you..I shed tears just reading it...but Oh!..that must have been a turning point for you, to know that he recognised you! Sending {HUGS} to all of you & keeping Mickey in my prayers! ♥

Christina Carnoy said...


I just now read about what has happened to Mickey! I am so sorry! What a terrifying nightmare for all of you. I will keep you all in prayer. My heart is totally with you right now. How is he doing?

Shemaine Smith said...

I just stopped by to let you know that you won our Heartfelt blog hop giveaway and ready your last few posts. As a mom tears welled up in my eyes for your little boy. You did exactly what God gives us the strength to do as a Mom and saved your son's life. You courage is commendable and I too will be praying for God to heal your little guy. I will be checking your blog for updates and adding you on facebook.
Email us your address pls at so we can get your prize out.