Monday, May 23, 2011

Mickey's Miracle-5/7/11

This was the first day that Mickey was awake and himself the whole day. He was still asking to go home and only cried about it once. I was so happy because he still didn't have a voice and seeing your child cry and not make a sound is just awful. He was such a trooper!


Andrew and Mickey, just before we switched places.

Saturday, he was asking for chocolate pancakes with chocolate glitter. I eventually figured out that he wanted whipped cream in a can and chocolate sprinkles on his pancakes. Unfortunately by the time he was cleared to eat, it was past breakfast time. He also kept asking to go home. To keep him occupied, I created a racetrack on his tray table with the tape they use to mark the IV lines. He also got to watch TV which was great because it helped to distract him from wanting to get out of bed.
Putting his oxygen back on all by himself.

Andrew headed out in the early evening to get some "man food" and I charged him with getting Mickey some crayons, a coloring book, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! It took him a few hours because the local place he knew about was under construction but he did it!

Playing with his monster trucks & cars from the Child Love group at Doernbecher's.
I slept with Mickey that night because Andrew’s back just couldn't handle it. Mickey said, “Let’s just talk for a little while, okay Mom?”. I instantly agreed and he told me how much he loved space and the stars and sky. Then he said that he loved home and his backyard and his play ground and his slide. I was so happy that he couldn't remember but a little freaked out and didn’t sleep well at all.


Here's my Facebook note from that morning.

Mickey's breathing tube was removed last night and he's slowly being weaned off some of the drugs he's on. He is back! He's asking to go home and he's doing so well! He had a fever last night but it broke this morning. They did a chest x-ray a little while ago just to check. He's had some injury to his neck and the doctor said that he'd have to wear a collar when we take him home. I told her I was just so thrilled that we get to take him home. We'd prefer no visitors for him (please come see us if you want!) because he gets upset when people leave when he's perfectly healthy. We love you all so much and are so very grateful for the massive love and thousands of prayers that have been sent to help heal our child and bring him back to us. There are no words to convey how thankful I am for this. Thank you from the very depth of my soul! Thank you!

Two more days left to blog and then a quick wrap up. Thanks so much for sticking with me, getting this all out is helping so much! <3

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