Monday, May 23, 2011

Mickey's Miracle-5/8/11-Mother's Day!

Sunday was the best Mother's Day that I had ever had! :) A few days before I'd thought that I'd hate Mother's Day for the rest of my life. I'm so glad that I don't have a reason to dread Mother's Day anymore.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and it was glorious! Mickey had his pancakes with chocolate glitter and I got the best Mother’s Day card ever. Mickey colored me a picture and he drew the letter “A” on it. I took it around and showed all the doctors and nurses. They loved it!

Every time he did something “normal”, something that he’d done before the accident, my insides would unclench a little. I was still afraid of some residual damage so I didn't ask him to write his name or anything like that. They had been talking about whether or not to do any brain imaging when he got his throat MRI and they decided against it. It takes a few days for cell death to show up and they said they didn't want to give us false hopes. The doctor said that his behavior would be the best indicator for us anyways.

We got to say goodbye to the PICU around lunch time and that was the best Mother’s Day present I could have asked for. Little Man got his very own wheel chair. Even though it was a smaller one, it was still a little big for him.

They moved us to a normal floor and he had all his lines and stuff completely removed!

My dad came by and helped us move and then my mom and step-dad came by with Audrey. She was doing okay and didn't fuss too much when she had to leave.

I didn’t even think to get a pic with both kids but when Andrew playfully took my picture coming out of the bathroom I did ask him to take a picture of Mickey and I together.

At midnight one of our doctors from the PICU came down to check on him. He hadn’t seen him for a few days and was so happy for us. I told him we weren’t sure if we were getting out tomorrow but that I had a list of questions. He volunteered to answer them for me and so we spent an hour out in the hall talking.

I loved Doernbecher’s so much. Everyone showed that level of caring. Even the mother of the patient next door (an 18 month old girl on her 3rd brain surgery) was worried about me and wanted to give me a hug.


It's getting so much easier to write these. Happy words, fun pictures, and talk of leaving the hospital all together. :)

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