Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

It's a great day to celebrate today! Not only do are we thankful for those who serve our country and keep us free, but there are a few other reasons we are celebrating around here, too!

~My nephew, Phillip and his wife, just welcomed a little girl to their family! Little Paige was born yesterday! It's very cool because Phillip is in the military and was able to come home for her birth!

~I made a fresh strawberry pie from scratch yesterday!!!

~I also ran 3.5 miles without stopping yesterday! This will be helpful when it comes time to eat the previously mentioned pie! ;)

~It's been two months exactly since Mickey's accident and every day I feel so very grateful that he's still here with us.

~The four of us went to Molalla to watch their parade this morning. Molalla's won out over Canby's because their parade is bigger and earlier in the day so it's a much more comfortable temperature!

The kids loved it! Audrey's favorite part was "tractors" and "gettin' candy". Mickey liked the boat and he thought the clowns were pretty funny too. They got a ton of candy but wouldn't go very far out to get it. Andrew and I would either walk them out into the street or toss it to them from the street if they wouldn't come with us. Too funny!

The funniest parts for me were the clowns, the Shriners cruisin' on matching four wheelers, the motorized port-a-potty (so freakin' funny!) and Mickey, seeing Ronald McDonald on a float, yelling out "He's real!!!". Couldn't stop laughing over that one! :D

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th!!! :)


Heather said...

Goodness Audrey is quite the grownup little lady! I can't believe how she has grown :)) Lots of lovely reasons for you guys to celebrate. Happy days xx

Luv2talk said...

Ok, the "He's REAL!" comment reminded me of one of my favorite parade stories; please indulge me.

We went to DISNEYWORLD when my youngest was about 5. Our LION KING video had been in heavy rotation, so he wanted to be sure to get Timon's autograph. He got the autograph and I took a picture. Life is good.
Fast forward a year or so and you find us at DISNEYLAND. We find our spot along the parade route with a great corner view. As the characters parade by, my son spots Timon, waving & walking, walking & waving. As he nears our corner, my son waves and when Timon passes by with a glance and a wave in our direction, my son gleefully turns to me and says, "Mommy, I think Timon remembers me."

Ahhh...the magic that is youth. Priceless!