Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink and Yellow!

Just poppin' in with some paper goodness in pink and yellow!

First up, my congrats card that I entered in the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol contest. There were over 1600 entries and shockingly, ;) mine didn't get picked as one of the 20 finalists. Hee! I still love it anyway. A gal commented on it in Flickr and said it was innovative. That made me soooo stinkin' happy that I really consider it a winner in it's own right. :)

My next little goodie is something I made with the new Authentique paper I picked up at Craft Warehouse the other weekend. I was at a Saturday crop with some of the Punky gals and we made a food/scrap run and found a big display of Authentique. It's Margie Romney-Aslet's new line and while I'm going to miss The Girl's Paperie (her old company) I'm thinking that Authentique will be able to make the pain a bit more bearable. Hee!
One of the coolest things about this line is the little die cuts. I have to admit, at first I was a bit bummed that they were die cuts and not stickers. Until I flipped them over, that is. She put a coordinating pattern on the back of her die cuts! So, lets say that you won't be able to use one that says "sing", well flip it over and you have a super cute base for another of the die cuts. This is just brilliant as it makes these so much more versatile!

I got a few papers from each line, some die cuts and the cute word stickers in each color. You'll be seeing more Authentique around here in no time. :)

Well, I'm off! I'm taking Mickey and Audrey to the local airport to meet and thank the LifeFlight crew that helped save him. Combine seeing a helicopter with watching the last space shuttle take off this morning on the news and my Little Man is one happy little dude.

Have a good one!


erin said...

your card is so cute! and i love your layout, just got an order of authentique in, can't wait to play!

Luv2talk said...

The CONGRATS card should have won you something. That's a very cool idea and you pulled it off brilliantly. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!