Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life -Day 1

I'm really excited to be doing Ali Edward's A Week in the Life project. I've wanted to do it before but never did because my house was too messy or our week was too boring or too busy. This time, I just decided to do it. It has made for some creative shots, hee! Seriously though, the perspective I've gained since Mickey's accident has made me realize that if I wait for the perfect time, it will never be the right time.

So, here's some photos from Day 1!

It poured down rain this morning, gotta love late July in Oregon!

My normal breakfast. I'd already taken my vitamins so they didn't make the shot.

Mickey's first day of soccer. He did it last year and is loving it even more this year.

My niece Claire came to watch and she and Audrey shared a snack. In other words, Audrey at all her cantalope!

Afterwards, Mickey requested playground time. Last year he wouldn't participate in soccer the first day and the second, he'd only do it if I was sitting out on the field. On the third day I told him that if he wanted to play on the playground afterwards, he'd have to not be shy and do what the coaches wanted. After soccer today he ran up to me and said, "I wasn't shy at all, Mom! Can I play on the playground?". It's so funny that he remembered that from last year!

After soccer we ran errands and Aud fell asleep on the way home as it was way past nap time. So, I caught a shot of us in the reflection of our car's window. Yay! I'm in a pic!

We ate dinner outside, it was Breakfast for Dinner and the kids helped make it.

After dinner we had some clean up time. Partly because if the house is going to get photographed I ought to at least try and clean it and partly because we're hosting my niece's college grad party on Sunday. Fortunately, Mickey still loves to vacuum.

Story time for Miss Aud. I had Mickey go get Daddy and tell him to bring the camera. This is how we sit every night for story, unless Daddy is reading both of them a story. I'm sooooo glad I have this pic!

And, The Bachelorette! Andrew and I watch it, even when it's lame, and it's kind of become our thing. It's two hours long so I always try to find something productive to do during it. Wether it's scrapping or like last night, catching up on my blogs and doing a Studio Calico blog hop, I gotta do something!

I'm so excited that I've done so well, so far! It's only been a day and a half but I'm hopeful I can keep it up. :)

Are you doing Week in the Life???


joscelyne cutchens said...

yay for you! as you read, my house is a mess too. here's to real life week in the life. ;)

By Shawna Rae said...

Ok... this sounds kinda neat. I sometimes wonder what it is that I do and why I don't have more time for other things. Might have to try this to document my days to find out. Thanks for sharing this idea!