Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life -Day 2

Here's a quick recap of Day 2. I've gotta be quick because Andrew & I have a date tonight! :D

First up, I made my bed first thing so it wouldn't be as easy to take a nap, I had a lot to do yesterday!

Mickey went out to our "pantry" in the garage to get some more "cerealmilk" for breakfast. This freezer in the garage is where I store my coupon stockpile. It's a freezer from my Granny that isn't turned on. Keeps out the bugs and moisture!

I made myself an omelet this morning because it's Race Day!!!!

Mickey and one of his Lego creations.

Miss Thing and her current favorite toy. It was actually in a wood toy box that I bought in a garage sale.

This is where Miss Thing wrote on herself for the second time today!

Self-portrait at Mickey's soccer. I'm saying, "Hey, I'm in a picture!" LOL!

At soccer, Aud was pulling up grass and throwing it on her cousins, Claire & Karly who came to watch Mickey.

Mickey had another awesome day (aka 45 minutes) of soccer. ;)

It was a happy mail day for me, I ordered some new Authentique (freakin' love that stuff) and some titanium blades for my trimmer. Only like two bucks more and will last waaaaaaaay longer!

No pics of Race Day because they are all on my phone but here is a shot of my cute Race Day hair and my serious Race high! (The glass of Guinness may have contributed to the high as well.)

It was an awesome day! I ran the whole 5K and I didn't stop once. My time goal was to beat 45 minutes and I ran it in 33 minutes and 41 seconds. Squeal!!!!

See you tomorrow!


Rachel said...

I am so happy for you!! YAHOO!!! Great time for your race!!

Your kiddos are so stinkin cute!

By Shawna Rae said...

Yay!! Congrat's on beating your goal. It's always exciting when that happens!!

Heather said...

loving your sweet photos Erica! Well done with beating your goal xx