Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life-Day 3

Wednesday started off with a bang, or a blow out rather. Miss Thing decided to take off her jammie bottoms (normal) and then finally go potty after a few days of not (not normal). This led to an early morning bath and a scolding.

The morning wasn't all bad though. I weighed myself and I'm back in the 150's. Woot!!!

With the bath and clean up we had a pretty hectic morning and before I knew it, it was snack time. Little Man wanted to make snack today. On the menu? Rainbow Goldfish and raisins!

I did Miss Thing's hair and since she is notorious for taking it out within minutes, I figured it deserved a photo. I was able to get myself in there too! :)

My dad came to watch Mickey play soccer and he brought some late peas from his garden to share.

We were actually a minute or two late for soccer because we'd stopped at Rite Aid to do a quick coupon deal. It didn't turn out exactly as planned but it will still work.

Claire and Karly came to soccer and freed Aud from her stroller. She headed straight for the playground.

Mickey's a pretty enthusiastic soccer player. He'd just scored a goal and was running back to Coach Amanda for a high five.

Hot and sweaty after soccer. (Funny face by his request.)

We headed home after some playground time and put Aud down for a nap. Then, he got to play on Mom's iPhone. Cars 2 is his current favorite.

After a while, I kicked him off the bed so I could nap in preparation for this evening.

Date night!!! Andrew and I went to our first movie since we've been married. The man dislikes going to the movies so that's why it's been over six years since we've gone. We saw Friends With Benefits and really enjoyed it.

Claire and Karly came over to watch the kids.

I left my big camera with them and told them to take as many pictures as they wanted. They did very well and the last few pics of the day are all from them.

Cleatus, our goat.

Mickey, "making a score" on our basketball hoop.

Aud having a popsicle for dessert.

The girls did such a good job with taking pics that I think I'm going to leave my little dSLR with them whenever they watch the kids.

Which reminds me, where are the batteries to that thing??? LOL!


Sarah said...

I've been meaning to tell you... My mom saw a picture of Miss Thing over my shoulder on Facebook and says, "Oh my god! It's Erica when she was that age! Look at that pout!" (Yes, it was a pouty photo.)


joscelyne cutchens said...

I love it! Yay for losing weight!
1. How did i not know you got a goat?!
2. Were the peas cooked?