Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life -Day 4

Two Week in the Life posts today because yesterday was just too busy to fit blogging in! :)

Sunrise out our master bedroom.

I hit the Target 75% off toy sale and crossed off Christmas and birthday presents for both kids. Score!

Mickey made snack again. Yogurt and Goldfish for the kids. I had a cheese stick and Wheat Thins. (I like to make little sandwiches with mine!) Oh, and the kitchen is a disaster! Hee!

Lunch was "little pizzas" and peaches.

During soccer, when Mickey would run back to us for water, he'd say he was a jet coming in for fuel. During one refueling, I made little dinging noises while he was "filling up" and told him that would cost him one kiss! :)

Today, Mom and Larry, Dad and Andrew all came to watch Mickey play. Of course I didn't get any pics of them but I did get a shot of this brave gopher who was actually quite close to us and very busy.

Today was Mickey's last day of soccer and he got a certificate!

We only played on the playground for a little bit because Karly and Claire were going to meet us at home to go swimming.

I snuck inside to work on a tutorial for Dixie Pieces upcoming newsletter.

Andrew came home early and drug me outside. I got a shot of my pretty petunia that is doing so well. Mainly thanks to my husband's diligent watering.

Audrey finally woke up and joined the other kids on the pool deck.
Karly's mom, my sister-in-law, Kathy came over and we all had Domino's...delivered! Yeah! No cooking for me! :)

After dinner it was back to the pool and Audrey actually got in. Mickey still wasn't having any of it.

After everyone left, we started getting ready for bed and when we went out front to see Daddy watering the plants we saw the neighbor's getting their sheep ready for the fair. Gotta love life in the country! :)

After we got the kids down, Andrew headed off to bed early and I settled in to watch Project Runway and scrap a bit. I had no mojo whatsoever and got nothing done but I enjoyed Project Runway so that's okay.

Three more days of Week in the Life, I'm so proud of myself for keeping up! Maybe today I'll take a shot of the notebook that I'm keeping a timeline in so you can see how horrible my handwriting truly is. (It's bad, it's really, really bad!)

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