Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life -Day 5

Wheeeeeee! I'm doing so well at this. I was a little worried that my Week in the Life project might morph into a Day in the Life. Heh.

This morning I finally got the laundry put away. I'm notorious for getting loads and loads of laundry done and then not putting it away for a few days. :)
Next up, getting my blog posts done and backing up photos so I can get more room on my memory cards. I should have just bought a few new cards but I didn't think about it.

Evidence of Mickey playing on my bed. :::Happy sigh::: Sometimes the emotions of how glad I am to still have these little things just sneak up on me.

Since there's no soccer/playground time today, Mickey suggested Play Doh!

I realized that my scrap room needed some serious attention! The floor was especially ridiculous! I gave the kids a stack of construction paper and it just gets strewn everywhere. I wised up and bought notebooks the other day but haven't switched them out yet.

Not perfect but much better after a good 30 minutes!

Then I had the kids clean up the living room. This is how they like the pillows to be on the couch. :D

And here's the reason I was able to talk them into cleaning up the living room. Painting time!

Painting time didn't last too long because of some serious sibling squabbles. So, I sent both kids to bed. Mickey fought it but this is what I found when I checked on him a bit later.

After they woke up I made them popcorn. I saw this cool way to make popcorn in the microwave using just lunch bags. It works pretty well and the bags can be composted or recycled unlike the store bought ones. Our bags last quite a long time before they tear.

After their nap and a snack they got to head back outside for more painting. This time they cooperated a whole lot more!

We believe in safe iPhone-ing around here! Aud loves her helmet and once it's on it's a bit hard to get her to take it off. :)

Andrew read to the kids and got them all tucked in.

And then Momma got a nice, relaxing bath. Ahhhhhhh!

Two more days!!!

How's your Week in the Life going? :)

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By Shawna Rae said...

Sounds like a really productive day! I could use the pampering bath. **looking for my rubber duckie** Thanks for sharing!
Shawna Rae