Monday, August 1, 2011

Week in the Life-Day 6

Saturday started bright and early for us. Andrew had an early morning business call and so instead of having him drive all the way into work and back on a Saturday, I decided to take the kids garage sale-ing! First step, hitting the ATM for some mad money!

Then, since the garage sales don't start until 8:00 and we took off at 7:30, we hit McDonald's and the kids got to split their first ever Egg McMuffin. They were a little sceptical at first but then they loved it! Aud had juice with her half and all Mickey wanted was a water. I had my favorite, a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit. Those things are heavenly!!!

One of the coolest things we picked up was this guitar. Andrew had jokingly said to buy him something and he never says that. So, we got him some gag glasses at one of the first sales and then we found this guitar. He's secretly always wanted to play the guitar so I was so excited to find this one for only $10!!!

It was another good mail day. I'd won a Facebook contest and my prize was the new Audrey line from My Little Shoebox. I love it! (And not just because of it's awesome name!) Mickey loves opening up scrappy mail with me but gets a bit disappointed. I'm going to have to order him some stuff with my next order so he gets a goodie too! He's started scrapping with me and I even got him his very own real scrap stuff, including my old trimmer!

When we got home Andrew was feverishly mowing the lawn in preparation for Sunday's party. The man is determined to have the best lawn on the street and he's been hand watering it all week and then cross mowed it today. Hee!

Here's what we picked up for a whopping $26.50! It was a much better day for the kids than for me. All I found was a $.25 bag of sequins. They had a blast because I gave them each $5 to buy stuff with. Aud was completely non-plussed but Mickey was super excited and kept it in his pocket the whole time and wasn't scared to pay the people. It was so cute!

Lunch was up next and the kids had PB&J and I had my current obsession, Wheat Thins, a dill pickle and some Tillamook Medium Cheddar. Oh, that is the best cheese! Yummers!!!!

Aud was outside with Andrew and got into the watercolors from yesterday. We think she was putting on makeup. Hee!

Mickey was behaving and playing with his new cars (and Aud's new cars, too!).

My boys resting after setting up for the party.

Audrey was snuggling with Rillah, our cat. When I first got her, she was a skittish nut and I never thought she'd be as good with our kids as she is. Aud can pick her up and drag her around and she's totally fine with it.

My favorite picture from this whole week!

After dinner it was Popsicle time. Mickey chose green.

I finally got some pics of Devo, he's our almost 15 year old Whippet.

After dinner it was time for a much needed bath. Aud's hair doesn't like regular baby shampoo so it's No More Tangles all the way for her.

During bath time, Andrew started reading the book that came with his guitar and it made me sooooo happy. :D

When I was brushing out Aud's hair I was impressed with how long it was getting. She was having fun pretending to put her hair in "piggies"!

After such a long day, I decided to have some relaxing mom time. Good old Harry Potter and my very own bowl of popcorn!

Tomorrow I'll be back with Sunday's photos and a new Dixie Pieces post! I'm excited to start working on my actual Week in the Life album. :)


Carly said...

What a great day! Sometimes the typical, nothin too fancy days are the absolute best! Can wait to see your album!

Christina Carnoy said...

Wow! Looks like the best day ever!