Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week in the Life -Day 7

Last day of Week in the Life! I made it! Wheeeeeeee! :D

This morning started out pretty silly. I came out of the bedroom to find my kids taking turns smelling daddy's feet, shrieking "Stinky!!!" and laughing like little maniacs. :)
I had my normal breakfast because even though we were going out to breakfast I knew I'd eat way too much if I skipped it.

Little Man wanted to bring SoftDog to the country club and we let him. SoftDog is his most favorite toy and one he sleeps with every night.

We were a little frantic getting out of the house and we figured we'd be either right on time or just a minute or two late. We pulled up to the main street in town and Andrew started laughing. The lights were flashing and the gates came down and we were officially going to be late. It wound up taking a few minutes for this to scoot in front of us and then the gates came back up.

Audrey was looking super adorable and getting all sorts of attention from the grandparent age group at the country club. However, she was feeling a little shy and this was the pouty little hesitant look she shot the kind old gent who was talking too her.

Here's our breakfast group. We went to breakfast for my uncle's birthday. He's the handsome gentleman on the left. :) You're probably wondering why I didn't ask everyone to smile but it's because that if I'm not sneaky about my group shots, my granny will hide! She hates the camera. She only barely tolerates it at times because she loves me. :D

Mickey got Mickey Mouse pancakes! Aud had bacon and eggs with hash browns and Grandpa Larry's fruit, Andrew had a huge, loaded with meat omelet and I had bacon and eggs and fruit and one of my mom's blueberry pancakes. Mickey also had one of Granny's pancakes and Uncle Doug's fruit. The kid was just packin' it in!

Some after meal silliness with SoftDog and Daddy.

When we got home we all changed clothes and got ready for the party. It went really well and everyone had a good time.

Audrey had a blast in the pool with her Daddy and kept asking to go swimming. Her cousin's obliged her one time but didn't realize that we'd put her back in a normal diaper because those swim diapers don't hold anything. She looked soooooo funny when I got her out. Hee!

Other party activities were horse shoes...


and more swimming! The weather was perfect. Warm enough to swim but not so hot that everyone else was miserable.

My sister-in-law and I were walking around the property talking plants (she's amazing with plants!) and we found this little fort thingy Mickey built. I love it! It's so the kind of thing my brother and I did when we were kids. :)

More chatting with family. :)

My nephew had my camera and couldn't get it to take a picture. I finally put it on full auto (or as he called it, idiot mode) and he started snapping away. I was pretty happy when I saw this because I didn't really get a shot of myself today. Too busy! (You'll see my last ditch effort below.)

Here it is! The yikes-I-didn't-get-a-shot-of-me-self-portrait-in-a-window shot. It's famous world wide, don't ya know! I was taking a sleepy Miss Thing into the house to get her all set up watching a movie on the couch while everyone was leaving.

Not everyone left though. Two people (complete strangers to us!) stayed until almost midnight! Andrew had kindly invited them in after everyone else left and it was just us and them. Andrew and kids promptly fell asleep on the BigChair and I was left with them. I finally told them I needed to tuck the kids into bed and pinched Andrew when I got them so he'd wake up. They finally left and we were able to go to bed ourselves.

It's kind of appropriate that this super busy day was the wind up to a very busy week. I think our only days of down time were Friday and Saturday. Our summer's are always like this. A week or two of super busy followed by weeks of nothing. It's pretty cool because we have fun and we are also able to relax and just be a family.

So that's it. My Week in the Life. I still have to get my photos off my iPhone and then I can start putting my album together. Since this is my first one, I think I'll wait until I see how Ali's doing hers and check out the albums of the ladies that are linking to her blog.

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Christie said...

I have loved looking at your pics this week. Your kids are just adorable!