Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School!

Mickey's first day back to school is today! It's his second year of preschool so he goes three days a week, for two and a half hours. He's super excited to be back! He adores his preschool, his teachers and his classmates. He pretty much picks out his own clothes all the time now and chose this outfit for his first day back. It's the same shirt he wore last year on his first day!

When we did our quick back to school shoot this morning, Little Man wasn't super thrilled about it so I told him he could make some funny faces too. This one makes him look totally like a couple of his boy Hettwer cousins. (They make this face all the time!)

I got a ton of this one! (He gets that ginormous tongue from his mom, we must be related to Gene Simmons!)

This one, he was just being silly and looking at it now, I'm struck by how old he looks in it. Kind of drives home the fact that in a few years, both of my kids will be in school for six hours a day. I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to it. I enjoy having all this time with my kids. They are wonderful and I'm going to miss being there for them whenever they need me.

We got Audrey into the act too. A bunch of pics of the two of them together but very few with both of them looking at the camera. Aud's really hard to get looking at the camera. At least when I'm behind it. It's such a novelty when someone else is taking her picture that she looks at them the whole time! Hah! (Note that she's standing up on her tiptoes to be taller!)

Finally, this picture of Miss Thing is one of my new favorites of her. She busted out the over-the-shoulder pose all on her own. Love that two year old 'tude!

When I dropped him off, he was totally fine. Last year, he had a bit of a hesitation in the parking lot but this year, he was off and running from the start!

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