Monday, September 19, 2011

Right now...

~Mickey has homework in preschool, and he calls it his paperwork. Too funny!

~Audrey says I miss new instead of I miss you. So sweet!
~I'm getting over a two week funk. No motivation for anything. Not sleeping until after 2:00 in the morning kind of does that to a person. I'm doing better now but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the hot mess my house has become. Yikes! Hopefully, my brain will let go of some bad images and let me sleep normally again. I've got to get back to a normal schedule.

~My mom's out of town for two weeks. I dislike this very much. Not only is she one of my closest friends, she's also the babysitter I trust the most. Especially now. She and Larry are going to have a lot of fun and see lots of family so I'm glad they are going.

~Andrew's bowling league has started up again. I'm thinking I need to crash it sometime so I can get some pics and actually scrap something about my husband!

~The kids get along about 80% of the time. 15% of the time they just kind of have little spats and 5% is WWIII. All in all, pretty good percentages, I think!

~I've found a discipline technique that works for us right now and I love it. First offense earns them a time out (# of min = # of years old) and then each offense after that earns them an extra minute added on. So, Mickey starts out with four and then the next time he gets five minutes. So far, the most we've hit in one day is seven minutes. Oh, and when he argues it I calmly ask him if he'd like me to double it or if he'd like to stick with his original amount. This stops him arguing and he heads straight for his room. He even sets the timer himself. LOL!

~Devo's walking is painful to look at. I even had to help him get up once. He'll be 15 years old on the first and I'm quite honestly hoping he goes peacefully in the night and doesn't have another seizure like he did last year. We've had enough trauma around here.

~I'm really happy with my design teams. The gals are amazing and the work is so fun! I love this hobby of mine!

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joscelyne cutchens said...

((((((hugs))))))))) I totally have been in a funk for a few weeks too. and I started a blog post about it yesterday but haven't posted yet.