Friday, September 2, 2011

Today We... (9/2)

~went for a walk/run. Mickey kept up the whole way and even encouraged me when I had to stop and walk.

~Papa Maow came over for a hair cut and to take the kids down to the "cricket". They love going down to the creek with him and I love that I got them to wear their boots this time. Mickey got one of his stuck in the mud and had to take it off to get it out!

~I'm procrastinating doing my Pilates, still a little sore from yesterday's re-introduction to Jillian and her 30 Day Shred.

~I'm not allowing myself to play with my new 10-24 lens and Lightroom until I do it. It's what I bought with my garage sale/Coach purse sale/wedding shoot money. I agonized over what lens to get and ultimately decided to round out my focal range instead of upgrading my long zoom or getting a macro lens or even getting a flash. Hoping I made the right choice. I'm feeling pretty good about my Lightroom purchase as the time involved in processing lots of photos is what stops me from processing them most of the time. Can't wait to get it on my computer!

~I'm planning out a visual reminder for this month's goal...90 miles and 10 lbs!!!

~I've got to get my to do lists all together and accessible. Yesterday, I felt like I had a bunch of stuff I should be doing and couldn't remember what. I need a central location for my to do list.

~The kids are having a pretty good day together. Only one time out so far. I'm really proud of Audrey, I told her to go into her room for time out...and she went! (Kind of proud of my parenting lately, too. A lot less yelling!)

~Got my Pilates in!

~Went to pizza with my SIL and our families and found out that my niece got engaged!!! <3

~Made a THREE PAGE to-do list! Yikes!

~Played a little with my new lens. Oh, I like it! It's definitely not an everyday lens but I can see lots of times when it will be awesome... eg, you'll be seeing a lot more landscapes from me!

~Going to bed by 11 tonight so I can get my walk in before it gets too hot. It's going to be a hot one tomorrow. :)

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