Sunday, October 30, 2011

Handprint Ghost Craft!!!

We did this craft just before Mickey's party and in the excitement, I never got around to sharing it! So, here it is, just in case you have a bit of down time tomorrow, a hand print ghost craft. (With alterations by Mickey!)

First up, gather your supplies. Black paper, white paint, a paint brush of sorts, googly eyes, glue and a black marker.

For our first hand print, I first squirted paint on the brush and then applied it to the kiddos hand but the second time around, I wised up and just squirted it directly on their hands. You could pour it onto a paper plate or sheet of wax paper and then apply to their hands but I was trying to keep clean up time a little shorter.

Smear the paint around so you get a nice thick coverage. This is Mickey's hand after the first attempt and we had to add more.

Then, center their hand on the paper and press firmly. Make sure you get all their little fingers on there. (We redid Aud's thumb on this one!)

When you lift up their sweet, chubby little hands you'll have a pretty good hand print on your paper. Not terribly ghost like, is it?

Now spin your paper around and, after the paint dries, glue on some googly eyes. (A little more ghostly now!)

Then, hand your kids a black marker and have them draw a ghostly (or smiley) mouth.

After that, watch them get all crazy with the googly eyes and create monster ghosts!!! (Mickey's idea!)

Hang them up on your wall and enjoy!

I'll probably date and label these when I take them down. We were a little pressed for time originally otherwise I would have remembered that step originally! LOL!

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