Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's October! My favorite month! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, I've changed my blog to pink and updated my header so if you're reading me on Reader, pop on over and tell me what you think!

It's a busy month around these parts, here's a quick run down of important dates!

2nd-My brother-in-law's birthday

5th-My birthday! (Hello 35!)

15th-Dad's birthday

19th-Step-Dad's birthday

21st-Mickey's birthday


So, that means I've got lots of cards to make, a family party and a kid party to plan for Mickey (his first kid party!!!), and some costumes to make! Mickey's going to be Lightening McQueen and have a Cars themed birthday. I like to coordinate his party and his costume because it just makes life a whole lot easier for me! Aud's going to be a flower. Although if you ask her now, she wants to be Spiderman! Sorry Miss Thing, you can be Spiderman next year, this year I've already got some of the stuff to make your flower costume. LOL!

How's your October shaping up? Super busy like mine or pretty laid back?

Oh, and here's a card I made for AWDML using some of Echo Park's new Halloween line, Apothecary Emporium.

Sigh, I love October! :)

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