Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Photo Challenge-Part 2!

Here's the second set of 10 images from my 30 Day photo challenge. So far, I've only had to take one picture on a different day and that was by choice, not because I forgot. So, I'm doing really well with this!

Day 11-Many
Day 12-The Weather

Day 13-Someone I Love (The shot I took on the following day, as I was away from him on the 13th and he was the someone I wanted to take a picture of the most!)

Day 14-Favorite Something

Day 15-Close-Up

Day 16-Animal

Day 17-A Stranger

Day 18-Food

Day 19-Where I Slept

Day 20-Old

So, that's set two! I can't wait to get started on set three!

(Finger's crossed that I remember to take a picture on Thanksgiving!)

((And, on Black Friday!!!))

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