Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 12

Yesterday was a comedy of errors in regards to getting our furnace fixed. Long (annoying) story short, no heat.

In the morning we dropped our Lilly off to get spayed and micro chipped. The vet also found a bunch of gunk in her ears and so had to clean those out while she was under, too.

Mickey had preschool and Audrey really wanted to stay. I was tempted to stay with her because it was warm there but really needed to do some scrapping at home and to be available should the furnace folks get their act together.

When we picked Mickey up, he was very disappointed to discover that Lilly wasn't back yet. He loves that dog! So, to placate him, I dug out another Christmas box from the shop. It was all I could manage though because my stupid head still hurts. :(

We got Lilly late in the day and hung out at the vet's for a bit chatting. I really love my small town because you have actual relationships with your vet, your dentist, your doctor, etc. It was so late when we picked Lilly up that Mickey actually saw Andrew drive by the vet's on his way home. Our vet is about a mile or so away from our house, very convenient for us! ;)

After dinner, Andrew took Mickey and went to a friend's house to watch football. Miss Thing and I were going to go out and get a stamp for my project (it's a Punky Sprouts banner and sooooo cute!!!) but I didn't want to leave Lilly so I figured out something else.

My favorite part of the day~Finishing up my Punky Sprouts project!

Mickey's favorite part of the day~Going to school!

Audrey's favorite part~Picking up Lilly

Our holiday event~Sadly, getting out the one box was all the holiday we had today! LOL!!! *****Oooooh, wait!!! I almost forgot, I got my Christmas cards ordered! That totally counts! Hee! I can't wait to get them, they match my Christmas Album's color scheme, too! ;)******

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