Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 13

Wow! This entry is a day late because I officially have a sinus infection and well, my head hurts so bad I couldn't type last night. So not fun.

This morning, we finally got our heat fixed! It took a couple hours but they finally got the parts replaced and the heat back on! Yay!!! It feels soooooo good to have heat again!

After lunch my dad came over and watched the kiddos while I went to the doctor. He hooked me up with a prescription for my sinusitis.

Later in the afternoon I took the kids into town and we picked up my prescription and got some little gifts for the kids' Hettwer cousins. I'm helping make up some little gift bags for them so I guess my Christmas shopping isn't finished after all. ;)

Andrew came home for dinner and then left for bowling league. The kiddos and I hung out for a while and then after they went to bed, I hit the tub to try to help my head.

My favorite part of today~Getting the heat fixed!

Mickey's favorite part of today~Playing with Papa Maow

Audrey's favorite part of today~Papa Maow

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