Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 14

Uhg, today was hard! My headache got worse, not better and it takes a few days for the antibiotics to kick in. Dislike!

Mickey had preschool today and he was so excited to find out that one of his best friend's was wearing an almost identical shirt. After preschool, my dad came back over and I took his Christmas card picture with the kids.

Once Andrew got home though, it was straight back to the bathtub. I really hope that this clears up soon because I'm sooooo tired of this. Our tree's not up yet, I haven't added any more decor to the house and I haven't done any Christmas crafts with the kids. I feel like I have the Grinch inside my head pounding on my right eye with a hammer! LOL!

I did get my second round of pics from and I did a little work until my head got in the way again. Oh, and I couldn't pick up my cards from my mom's but she said that they turned out cute! Yay! :)

My favorite part of today~Ahhhh, the bathtub!

Mickey's favorite part of today~Preschool!

Audrey's favorite part of today~Getting to ride her trike out front with Papa Maow

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Sabrina said...

get off the computer with a migrainE!!! duh. rule #1. BACKLIGHTS ARE THE WORST!!!
hope you are feeling better.
adorable picture.