Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 15

Finally, some relief! Yay! I had a super bad headache this morning but right around lunch time, the antibiotics kicked in. My dad came over to watch the kids again! Thanks Dad!

I took Andrew in for a quick doctor's appointment. When we got back the kids and I zipped over to my mom's to pick up our Christmas Cards, side note~I love them!, and then had lunch together at Godfather's. As an elderly couple was leaving, the gentleman stopped and said how nice it was to see two children so well behaved in a restaurant! It was so nice of him to say that! After that, we stopped on Freddy's to get some snacks for Andrew.

Then, I took pics of some scrappy projects while there was still light and then the kids and I headed back out again. We hit Dollar Tree first and I let the kids each pick out something. Mickey got a semi truck and Audrey was going to replace her "magic" (a wand that lights up on one end) but at the check out stand fell hard for some lemonade flavored princess lip balm. We then head to Oregon City to check out their Dollar Tree and then to Michael's, where I bought more than I was there usual!

Aud fell asleep on the ride home and slept for quite a while. Mickey and I had dinner and then wrapped his present for his Christmas preschool party and got the rest of his preschool stuff ready. We watched White Christmas and later, Aud woke up and joined us. At bedtime, Charlie Brown Christmas came on so I demanded that they stay up and watch with me. ;) They did. We had popcorn!

My headache is back a bit but instead of the gremlin inside my head having a pick axe, he's swinging at my right eye with a whiffle ball bat. I'll take it. :)

My favorite part of today~White Christmas! I love that movie and it was my first time seeing it this year!

Mickey's favorite part of today~Lunch at Godfather's. Pizza, breadsticks, and video games!

Audrey's favorite part of today~Lip stuff!

Our holiday event~Christmas movies, getting ready for the preschool party and picking up my cards!

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