Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 16

Today was Mickey's Christmas program at the preschool! I got the kids all dressed up and then off we went to preschool. We had to bring a gift for a mom and one for a dad and one for a boy in the class. We also had to bring ten dimes for the kids to use to buy their mom and dad a gift.

One of the other mom's and I ran the store, it was sooooo fun! Mickey went first so I had to wait outside until he was done, then I helped the other mom's daughter, after that we helped the other kids together and it was a blast! The thought process that goes on in the 4-5 year old mind as they pick out funny! Some of them just grabbed the first things they saw, other reasoned out the perfect gifts and some needed quite a bit of help.

Mickey wanted to help so we had the kids count out money to him and then he was the "bag boy" and carried their "purchases" down the hall to the gift wrap room. When the first kid put money in his hand, he said, "I'm making money!" Ha!!!! That kid, such a crack up!

Once we had the gifts all picked out, I helped in the gift wrap room for a while and then we headed upstairs while the kids had their snacks. The kids then came upstairs and started singing their songs for us. Andrew, my mom and step-dad, and Claire (my niece) came to watch and there were quite a few extra family members for the other kids, too. Mickey was right in the middle and about two songs in, he started crying. There were a ton of people this time around and it was just too much for him. Two more kids had a tough time with it too.

Audrey, however, had no issues and she stood right in line with the rest of Mickey's classmates. She was dancing and pretending that she knew the words. Sigh. That kid is soooo ready for preschool! Mickey wound up standing right next to me at the end of the line. Once the songs were over, I was able to persuade him to go with the rest of the kids and sit around the tree.

Their preschool teacher started talking about Christmas and then shortly after that, Santa came! Mickey looked at me and said, "I don't want to sit on his lap!". Again, Aud had no issues at all. She was the second or third one up there. Eventually, Mickey did talk to Santa and accepted his candy cane and teacher gift. Poor guy. Then, all the kids exchanged gifts and opened them and we left.

Claire came home with us and played with the kids for a couple hours. Then, we had dinner and played some more. After that, Aud fell asleep on the big chair with Daddy and I put Mickey to bed. He's currently laying at the foot of my bed telling me he can't sleep so we're watching "Elf".

My favorite part of today~Working the "store"!

Mickey's favorite part of today~His preschool party.

Audrey's favorite part of today~Santa!!!

Our holiday event~Mickey's Christmas party.

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