Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 19

Today was much more productive than yesterday! We didn't make it to the gym but we're hoping to tomorrow. We got to Costco and picked up Papa Maow's Christmas Cards, the kids were bummed that the snacks weren't quite set up yet so we grabbed some Pirate's Booty to much on, on the ride home. ;)

My dad met us at home and we unloaded the car and gave him his cards. He loved them! I made mac-n-cheese for the kids lunch (we'd picked up milk at Costco because the cupboards were soooooo bare, hence the pizza last night!) and then made some phone calls. Andrew, my mom and the phone company because my internet went out...again and the phone was still staticky. The repair guy came out and fixed the internet and told me that I needed to schedule an appointment so that someone can come out and crawl under the house and check the wires.

Lilly barked at him almost the entire time he was there. Good dog. ;)

After he left, we made up a grocery list to refill the cupboards and then I made a list of ingredients we'd need to make Christmas cookies. I'm hoping we can get to that tomorrow! We zipped into Fred Meyer and the kids got to go to Playland, they love that place.

After we got home, I made dinner. Mickey wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches so that's what we had! Andrew came home about an hour after dinner, completely wiped out and then my step-brother stopped by to drop off some berries.

My favorite part of today~Remembering to get stamps at the store!

Mickey's favorite part of today~Playland!

Audrey's favorite part of today~Playland~

Our holiday event~Getting my Christmas cards ready for mailing! Yay!

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