Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 21

Our first big event of the day was taking the kids to my mom's house to decorate cookies! They were really excited to do this and even more excited when I told them that two of their cousins would be there, too!

I was super excited because I got to go to the movies with my Uncle Doug and my brother, Cody! They are seriously the best people to go to the movies with. We saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it was awesome! Very hardcore but very awesome!

After the movie, I picked up the kids and took Aaron and Ellie with me! We all played outside for a while because Aaron was practicing basketball. One of my neighbors stopped by and we chatted for quite a while. Then, I dragged the Christmas tree into the house! Yeah, only four days before Christmas! LOL! Unfortunately, I was supposed to be taking Lilly to the vet at 4:30 and totally spaced it! Fortunately, they were able to reschedule for tomorrow morning. She's getting her stitches removed and her ears checked.

After Brian picked up his kids, I made dinner and Andrew straightened the tree. Hee! Mickey put in some Christmas movies too. I then asked the kids if they'd like to help me wrap gifts and so we did. We've only got one more group to go! Oh, and I need to wrap their gifts, too. We read a couple Christmas stories and tucked the kids in. Aud was wiped out and fell asleep on the living room floor while I was reading.

My favorite part of the day~The movie!!

Mickey's favorite part of the day~Decorating cookies

Audrey's favorite part of the day~Playing with Ellie

Our holiday event~Bringing in the tree!

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