Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 22

This morning we took Lilly to the vet. (I remembered!) She got her stitches out and her ears checked. She also got weighed, she's a whopping 48.8 lbs! :) There was a six month old Lab in the waiting area and they were pretty interested in each other. It was pretty easy to see the differences in between our Lilly's temperament and that of a Lab the same age. Lab's are spazzes for the first 2-3 years and our Lilly is fairly mellow. Love her!

When we got home I made the kids a snack and then did some computer stuff. After that, Mickey and I got started on his room! We got it all cleaned up and vacuumed. He loves it when his room is clean but as he's five, he has a hard time keeping it that way. We took a cleaning break once his room was done and had lunch.

Then, we started in on Aud's room. She helped a tiny bit and Mickey helped for the first half but other than that it was me. I moved a few things around for her and vacuumed, too. Right after we finished, my Dad showed up for a haircut. The kids were really excited to see him and he actually had to wait to get his hair cut because the kids really love playing with him.

After Dad left, the kids and I worked on wrapping the rest of the gifts. Mickey wrote the names of who it was to and Audrey was on bow duty. We got it all done and then I got their dinner ready a bit early. Because, when Andrew came home, the three of the took off to see Andrew's friend Ron.

While they were gone, I got the kids' gifts ready. Santa gifts wrapped in special paper, stocking gifts organized and tucked into bags, and their gifts from us wrapped as well. Then, I put the lights on the tree. I thought about getting ornaments on too but left that for the kids tomorrow. I also got the photos from Mickey's preschool ready for Christmas gifts and made a list of last minute things I needed to get at Fred Meyer.

Because, once Andrew and the kids got back, I zipped into town. I had a few extra gifts to get, some stocking stuffers and I needed to get gifts for the kids to give each other. Oh, and a ham and some cookie ingredients. You know, the important stuff. ;) When I got back, I wrapped the two extra gifts and got them under the tree with the rest of the gifts.

My favorite part of today~Getting the gifts wrapped.

Mickey's favorite part~

Audrey's favorite part~

Our holiday event~Wrapping gifts!

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