Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 24

Christmas Eve!!! :)

Today we finally got some cookies made! We made Christmas Crack, Peppermint Bark, and Chocolate Chip cookies. The kids helped out and loved it. The especially loved getting to lick the beater. ;) While I was doing the grown up parts, they watched a bunch of Charlie Brown holiday DVD's that Uncle Doug gave us. They were cracking up in the living room!

After that we had to start getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner. We put the ham in the oven and the yummy smells started to fill up the house really quickly. My brother and my dad showed up and then we ate dinner. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn bread and salad. And then, we had Christmas cookies for dessert.

After dinner, we got down to the good stuff...presents!!! I got a Michael's gift card and some books from my brother and running capris, a scrapbooking book, and some calendars from my dad. Andrew got a rake, tools, and a calendar.

Audrey got a huge stuffed bean bag horse, a piggy bank and a bag of coloring goodies from Uncle Cody. Papa Maow bought her two dresses, a pair of sparkly shoes, a princess crown with matching ring and earrings, a baby doll, a Dora the Explorer Pillow Pet and a tiny butterfly Pillow Pet. She put on the shoes, crown and jewels right away. They were hands down her favorite gift of the night. She even slept with her shoes on!!!

Mickey got a remote control Cars 2 car, a piggy bank and a bag of coloring goodies from Uncle Cody. Papa Maow got him a cool jacket, a batman shirt, a remote control Hummer, a Lightening McQueen Pillow Pet and tiny panda Pillow Pet. His favorite gift was the remote control Cars 2 car. He loves that thing!

The kids also each got a set of p.j.'s from Andrew and me. Mickey got Spiderman ones and Audrey got Disney Princess ones.

After Dad and Cody left, we got them dressed in their new jammies, set out some milk and cookies for Santa and put them to bed. I tidied up a bit, and then went to bed.

A couple of funnies. When Audrey was helping bring in the gifts in, she wanted to put them all in her room. I told her that she could as soon as she opened hers. The first gift she opened was her Dora Pillow Pet. She exclaimed, "Dora!" and then, "I go put in my room!" and bolted for her bedroom. We all busted up laughing.

This year, Dad labeled some of his gifts to the kids as "from Howdy" (his dog). So Mickey told me that next year we should have Lilly give one of her bones to Howdy. We grabbed one of the now empty Christmas bags, Mickey put one of Lilly's bones in it and he gave it to Papa Maow telling him it was from Lilly for Howdy. Dad called that night to say that Howdy loved it and was outside burying it.

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