Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 25~Part 1!

Christmas Morning!

Aud climbed in bed with us around seven and about eight, I heard Mickey holler, "Mom, Mom!". I opened his bed room door and he sleepily said, "I don't think I can go to sleep, Mom.". Hee! I told him that it was morning and he should get up and go potty so we could open stockings and he says. "Oh!" and clambers out of bed. Too funny!

We all went into the living room and I asked Mickey if Santa had come. He said yes and I asked him how he knew. I was trying to get him to notice that the cookies and milk were gone. Instead, he says, "There are presents and stuff in the stockings!". When I pointed out that the cookies were gone, he exclaimed, "He ate them!".

The kids then started in on their stockings. They both got lip balms, airplane candy and water colors. Mickey got a bunch of Cars goodies and Aud got a Dora toy and some hair stuff and slippers. We had to make her open the rest of her stocking once she saw the Dora stuff because that's all she was interested in.

After their stockings, they opened their Santa presents. Santa gave them joint gifts this year. They got a Christmas book to add to their collection and a Play-do game. They both love Play-do so they were pretty excited about it. Mickey's figured out that the numbers on the toys tell you what ages they are for and was pretty excited that the game was for age 5. Hee!

After that, Andrew and I opened our stockings. He got tweezers, flashlights and pepperoni. I got running socks, some scrap stuff, hair bands and nail polish. Since I had let Andrew off the hook completely this year with gift buying, I had him start breakfast. He fried up some bacon and eggs and I scrambled some eggs for the kids and made some toast.

Once we finished breakfast we opened our family gifts. Audrey got Mickey two Angry Bird stuffed animals and Mickey got Audrey a doll and a Disney princess action figure. I got Andrew a bowling pin, Audrey got him a Seahawks calendar and Mickey got him some binoculars. Andrew got me some jammies and the kiddos got me some grey faux Uggs.

We got Mickey a bunch of matchbox cars and puzzle, some toy tools, and a bunch of Cars 2 cars along with a Lightening McQueen stocking cap that my mom's cousin's friend knitted for me. Oh, and we got him some Cars 2 walkie talkies. Audrey got two dollies, an OSU shirt and a dollhouse! Yeah, she was pretty stoked about that. It's all she plays with when we are at Mickey's preschool. :)

We finished up at ten and Andrew and I decided that we're going to reserve Christmas morning (before noon) for just the four of us. Next up, we've got Andrew's family at one and then my Mom's side at five.

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas!!!

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