Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 4

Today started out slow. Just hanging around the house together. :) Andrew took Audrey to the store with him because he needed some new black pants. Mickey and I stayed in our pj's all morning. Hee!

It was a nice relaxing morning and the kids had a lot of fun with Andrew. It was good because tonight, we dropped Andrew off at the airport for a business trip to Montana. Audrey slept most of the drive up but Mickey didn't and we chatted together. We all kissed Andrew and sent him on his way.

Mickey was a little upset but he didn't let it stop him from wrangling me for dinner in a restaurant. Little stinker. So, after a quick stop at Old Navy to return some stuff (mine) and buy some stuff(Aud) we went to Olive Garden. We talked a bit during dinner about the fun stuff we'd do and how fast the time would fly before Daddy would be back. I suggested we get the house decorated for Christmas before he comes home and Mickey wanted me to run out and get the stuff out of the shop when we got 36 degree weather. Yeah, maybe tomorrow, Little Man.

On the drive home we swung through a local neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights, I even got a few pics in! :)

My favorite part of the day~Seeing my friend Miriam at Old Navy!

Mickey's favorite part of the day~Eating in a restaurant.

Audrey's favorite part of the day~candy! (We got mints at Old Navy)

Holiday Event~Scoping out some Christmas lights!

Oh, and it was cloudy almost all day! By the time the sun did come out, Aud had just finished wrestling with the dog and she was covered in scratches. She was wearing a tutu and leggings and nothing else during this little impromptu WWE and her dress is sleeveless. There's no way I want to edit all those out!

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