Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 6

Today was good for my little homebody soul. We only left the house to get Christmas bins out of the shop, to get the mail and to tell Lilly to quit barking at the neighbors! ;)

It was really cold today so I'm glad we didn't have to leave the house. With all the fog, we only reached a high of 36...brrrr! As well as keeping it chilly, it made it too dark to get decent Christmas card pics. If it doesn't clear up soon, I'm just going to use a pic from my November Photo Challenge of the two munchkins smiling together. Those smiling faces are all my family and friends want to see anyways. I'll give it until the tenth and then it's Plan B, baby!

We brought in a few more boxes of Christmas stuff and the kids had a blast digging out as much as they could and decorating the living room. Mickey was so excited to get started that he even vacuumed the living room for me. Ahhh, he's going to make some woman very happy when he gets older. :)

The kids spent most of today playing nicely together. We had a few minor spats but nothing that couldn't be diffused with a little talk. Hide and seek was the most popular game of the day. It was so cute to hear Audrey count to five and then wander around the house saying, "Where's my Mickey?". I love how much they love each other.

Since we took it easy today, I'm feeling much better and I'm going to set out my gym clothes in the hopes that I'll wake up healthy! Yay!

My favorite part of today~Getting out Christmas decorations. (And, getting caught up on my Journal Your Christmas prompts! Yay!!!)

Mickey's favorite part of today~Getting out Christmas decorations.

Audrey's favorite part of today~Getting out Christmas decorations.

Our holiday event~Getting out Christmas decorations. (Notice a theme?) ;)

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