Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 7

I feel better!!!! Wheeeeeee!!!!

We went to the gym this morning and the kids got to go to their beloved Kid Watch and I got to walk four miles on the treadmill while reading Creating Keepsakes. ;) I felt good enough to jog a bit but I didn't want to push it too much.

After lunch, we took Mickey to preschool and then Aud and I hit Freddy's. I finally organized her drawer in the bathroom. Mickey's is fairly empty, a few toothbrushes, floss, his toothpaste and some lotion for his skin. Aud's on the other hand, well, let's just say that the differences between men and women start early! Hee!

Oh, and while at Freddy's I picked up a CK special edition magazine and the check out gal asked me if I'd ever gone online to check out scrapbooking stuff. Hee-hee-heee!!!! Oh my, folks! I had to work so hard to not bust a gut right there in line. Oh, man that was a good one. Do I ever check out scrapbooking stuff online. Sigh, there's one for the books! ;D

We picked up Little Man and then zipped to Costco as I had some pics to pick up. We called my mom and my dad to see if either of them needed anything as Mickey wanted to hit Costco's snacks and we really didn't have a reason to go farther than the photo desk. So, we got some yummy snacks and we were useful!

We dropped off Dad's stuff first and hung out for a while. It was nice, the kids had a blast and Mickey is officially hooked on Transformers. Dad has satellite TV and found a Transformers cartoon and Mickey is in love! Hee! We then drove to Mom's and gave her her goodies and then headed back home.

After dinner, I just rested. I'm kind of tired and now that the kids are zonked out, I'm thinking a bath sounds yummy! :)

My favorite part of the day~Getting to go to the gym!

Mickey's favorite part of the day~Transformers!!!!!!!!

Audrey's favorite part of the day~Kid Watch at the gym.

Our holiday event~We checked out a few more lights. ;)


danni reid said...

cuuuuute pic, so happy you are feeling better sweet erica!♥danni

Carly said...

Love it! So glad you're feeling better! I miss taking mine to KidWatch! So handy!