Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Album 2011-Day 9

Seriously, I'm getting bored with me being sick. To the point...sinus headache and more cold symptoms. Blah! On to slightly more interesting happenings! :)

We didn't head to the gym and I'm pretty glad about that because we lost power today. Which means, I would have gotten home in desperate need of a shower and not been able to. We got it back shortly before lunch time. After lunch, Little Man had preschool.

Once we got back home, I noticed that the house hadn't warmed up much. Turns out that the furnace hadn't come back on. I figured the pilot light was out or something easily fixable so we didn't do anything about it since we were picking up Andrew at the airport and he should be able to fix it.

It was starting to get cold so we left early to get Mickey and then the three of us headed north. We drove through for a snack in Oregon City, well, except Aud. She was sacked out! About four we were right by the airport and went shopping to kill two hours. I got some goodies for Aud's room and the cutest hat ever!

We picked up Andrew and then went out to dinner. Once home, Andrew tried to fix the furnace...and couldn't! I tucked the kids in and it's now about 64 degrees. I'm wearing two layers and my warmest socks and I fully intend to snag Aud out of bed to use as my own personal space heater. Oh, and to help keep her warm, too! Hee!

My favorite part of today~Shopping! It was fun just browsing and buying fun stuff, not having to cross stuff off my list.

Mickey's favorite part~Dessert! We ate at Izzy's Buffet and I helped Mickey with some awesome desserts! Chocolate ice cream with strawberry syrup, chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites with whipped cream and chocolate pudding with whip cream! Mama knows how to do buffet dessert! ;)

Aud's favorite part~Daddy!!! The last few days, whenever she gets into trouble she starts crying that she wants her Daddy. Heh!

Our holiday event~Checking out lights with Daddy! We were so out of it with me being sick and the power being out, that we forgot to do our Advent chain! Oh, well. Two tomorrow then. :)

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