Friday, December 2, 2011

Lil' Stem/Copic Flower Tutorial!

Here's that tutorial I promised on how to make the cover flower from yesterday's Punky Sprouts album. Enjoy!

First, gather up the Copic markers you want to use. I chose R81 (Rose Pink), YR12 (Loquat), Y02 (Canary Yellow), YG13 (Chartreuse) and BG53 (Ice Mint).
{My first Copic beauty shot! I feel so cool!}
Take the widest Lil' Stem and color stripes on it using your Copics.

Next, fold your Lil' Stem in half, glueing the raw edges together using fabric glue.

{I use Fabritac!}

Now, snip in between each color stripe.
Go back and make one or two more snips between each original snip depending on how wide your stripes are. I did two on mine.
Now roll up your Lil' Stem...
making sure to adhere the end using fabric glue.

On a scrap of cardstock, squeeze out a large glob of glue, bigger than the base of your flower.

Put your rolled up flower in the middle of the glue...
and then spread out the petals you snipped earlier. The bottom most ones will stick to the excess glue.
After the glue has dried, trim around the edge of your cardstock base and you are done!

I hope that made sense to you all! If you have any questions, ask away! You can either e-mail me or post it in the comments!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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Christina Carnoy said...

That is a really pretty flower! Thanks for the tutorial!!!