Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Life-Week 4!

Yay! Finished up my last little bit of journaling on Week 4! This is my first week where I used all aqua colors and of course, I love it!

This week had Hungry Hungry Hippos, Pajama Day at preschool, flowers, a mini photo shoot for Aud and work jobs at preschool.

This week was the one I finally tackled my scrap room! It's quite literally been a disaster and I don't think that me having PTSD is unrelated. The room pretty much reflected my mind. A big mess that's hard to get out of and hard to get anything accomplished in. It feels good to start to get things in order!

The back side of the insert documents our trip to IKEA and the scraproom purchase we made there. The kids helped me put it together and Mickey wore his safety vest while doing it! Hee!

A trip to Costco, pizza with family, a much needed scrappy break with girlfriends, another preschool work job and getting in some last shots of our beloved Devo.

This week I had more big camera pics than iPhone shots. I've noticed that I tend to bounce back and forth between the two. Also, I really like having the insert have a theme if possible. Once it was a weather theme, this time a scrap room reorg theme. :)

I'm getting really excited for the Design A pages. They should be in stock around the middle of the month. That two day shipping is going to be awe...wait for it...some!!!

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