Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Life-Week 5!

This week definitely had it's ups and downs for us. First, some ups. We had dinner with my dad on Tuesday, preschool work jobs for Mickey, Aud and the sand table at preschool, Mickey and the "bideo games" at the gym, and a shot of this week's flowers, daisies!

And, now the down. This week was a sad one for us. We had our 15 year old Whippet, Devo, put down. The kids were upset and it was especially hard on Andrew. Devo was his first real pet and Andrew had gotten him when he was just 8 weeks old. That was on Monday. I left the journaling card blank and hopefully, Andrew will write something on it. If not, I'll fill it in.
Andrew left on a business trip on Wednesday. To help keep the kids mind off of that and Devo, I had Lamont bring his two youngest over for dinner. They also came over on Sunday for Super Bowl. We had basketball, chalk drawing, and an impromptu performance by the kids. It was a good day.
Aud colored this heart at the gym and told the teacher what to write. "To Mom a Dad-I love kisses and color. A big hug. -Love Audrey." Hee! I found these 5x7 photo holders at a garage sale a few summers back and trimmed her coloring to fit. I then just had to punch holes with my crop-a-dile and it was a perfect fit!
On the back, there's a little info about how Aud's my little sidekick when Mickey's at preschool and the Costco receipt with her shape of choice for this week, a rectangle! Finally, more highlights from our week. Stamp sorting, outside time (!), a haircut, car washing, a trip to Goodwill and more preschool.

This kids just love this album! Whenever I finish a week, they want to look at the new week and then flip back through the rest of the album. Win!

I hope you had a great week with more ups than downs!

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Samantha said...

Love your pages :) I knew it would be hard to document Devo's passing, but hopefully Andrew will fill in that card someday when it hurts less to do so. Your other pictures and stories are awesome. Way to keep up PL!!