Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Life-Week 7!

Here it is, Week 7. And, I got it posted before Week 8 was over! Hee! I'm on a roll, folks!
Valentine's Day was a big part of this week. We had a special breakfast and then lunch with family and a trip to Dollar Tree with the Gran so she could get the kids a gift or two. Mickey and I also got started on his Valentines for class.

I used two inserts this week. The first, ala Ali Edwards, is a baseball card page protector for Little Man's Valentines that he got from his classmates.
Most of them fit really well and only the top row seems to want to escape so I sealed the top with washi tape and a few staples. Since I got my new Project Life stuff yesterday, I was able to use this new sized insert, Design G. In hopes that it would show up in time, I took quite a few vertically oriented shots. We've got Andrew's Valentine gift from us, scenes from Mickey's preschool party, Granny's house, some large Valentines that didn't fit in the baseball card sleeves and Mickey's completed Valentines.

On the backside we've got more preschool, Aud's self portrait, Mickey getting a snack at Costco, Aud and I at preschool, and the other reason that our week was so busy...Audrey's getting potty trained! She did such a good job that she earned her toy (new dolls for her dollhouse) right away!

On the last page we've got more preschool work jobs and the official news that the name we suggested for the donkey was the one that got the most votes! His name is Patches!!! Andrew came home sick from work one day and he and Aud fell asleep. Him on the bed and her in the living room. Hee! I got my first flower of the year from Little Man, a shot of our Valentine's decor and one more Valentines Day photo that didn't fit up front...popcorn and candy hearts for a special dessert. Yum!

I went through and switched out my page protectors for the Design A ones and I really like them. The inserts will all stay the same. Along with Design A and Design G, I also got a box of the plain grid cards. I tend to use those the most under my Instagram pics so I'll get lots of use out of them.

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Samantha said...

You go girl! You are on a role! I was on a role playing catch up when I got sick this week, but I'm sure I'll get back to it soon. I love seeing everything come together!!