Thursday, March 29, 2012

Instagram Tutu Tutorial!

Aud's having a Strawberry Shortcake themed 3rd birthday party this year. So I had to make her an appropriately matching tutu for the occasion, didn't I? I wanted to see how long it took me so I decided to take pics at the beginning and the end to give myself a time stamp of sorts and have pics for my Project Life Album.

Then I figured why not go all out and share my tutu making process with you all. It's super easy and fairly quick! Here we go!

First up, you'll need to gather your supplies. A couple spools of tulle, scissors, elastic, needle and thread. Measure around the waist of your little one with the elastic, trim, and hold it together with a safety pin.

Now you'll want to stitch the ends together, making sure to overlap the ends and to stitch it securely. Little ones can be rough and you don't want your waistband to come undone!

Next up, we're going to figure out how long your tulle strips need to be. Just grab your munchkin, measure the length you want your tutu to be, and double it. Remember that some of the length will be used in the knot and it will poof out making a bit shorter so you may want to add an extra inch or two. I wanted hers to be a bit longer this time so I went with 32" strips. Cut your strips to that length.

Fold your first strip of tulle in half and thread the folded end under your elastic. I pulled the elastic over my knee to make my tutu making process a bit more stable.

Now, thread the other end through the loop and tighten.

Continue with the rest of your strips until your tutu is as full as you'd like it to be. I made a pattern with my Strawberry Shortcake colors of pink-red-pink-green because I didn't want the red or the green to over power the final skirt.

And here's my final product! Aud loves it and has been begging to wear it since I finished it.

And the time to make this? Just over 45 minutes and that includes taking photos, a bathroom break and a few kiddo interruptions. All in all, super quick!

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