Friday, March 9, 2012

Nacho Night!!!

Andrew's been out of town the last few days so in order to keep the kiddos happy, we had Nacho Night last night! They wanted to help so I had them cut the olives up.
Did you know? Nacho Night has it's own theme song?



Nacho Night, Nacho Night,

Nacho, Nacho, Nacho Night!


Our nachos are actually just plain taco salads eaten with our hands but therein lies the fun...we eat with our hands! Woot!!!

Nacho Night Conversation.

Mickey-I win.

Audrey-No, I win.

Me-Okay you guys, Nacho Night is not a race but if it were... I'd totally win! (Flashing my empty plate at them.)

Mickey & Audrey-Nooooooooo!

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