Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Life-Week 8!

Week 8 is here! I've got two inserts this week!

First up, new flowers, the weather, a Lego creation, Play-doh games and preschool!

The first insert is one of my divided 12x6 protectors. I wish that I could find one that held the 3x4's only. This side holds preschool, grocery store Playland, games with Daddy, a munchkin sleepover, more preschool and a girl hanging out with her dog. The backside of this insert is less kid-centric. I started organizing my stamps, cleared off my dresser, got some fun scrappy mail (x2!), found a leak under the sink and scrapped with the kids.

The second insert holds the outcome of scrapping with the kids. Aud made this page and Mickey helped me today by making that little label for it since she can't write her name yet. (Aud picked the tape colors!)

The back holds Mickey's page. He wrote his name twice, wrote Mommy, drew a heart to show he loves his Mommy and drew a treasure map to the dinosaur which has an "x" on it's the treasure! I love this page! Finally we have, Aud taking a nap, the kids bath getting interrupted by Lilly, some much needed outside time, Aud using the potty at Mickey's preschool (yay!!!), Mickey's work job and Aud taking her nap under Mickey's bed. Hee!

I love this project! And, I found a quick kid's photography class online (thank you, Pinterest!) so I decided to give Mickey our unused point and shoot and go over this class with him. I told him that some of his photos could be in the Project Life album and he got sooooo excited! I'm so glad the kids like this as much as I do!

ps~Andrew likes it too! I "make" him look at it each week and he takes the time to not only look at each photo but also read everything I write. I love that man of mine!

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Samantha said...

Your PL album is coming along quite nicely! I like how you divided the 6x12 insert. I may have to give that a try. I'm working on catching up, but I'm on Week 8 so I'm not too far behind.