Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Life-Week 9!

I know it's Thursday, but this week's layout came together really quickly as I only picked up my photos yesterday and finished it last night! I'm getting much faster. I don't dilly-dally quite so much with the journaling. My goal is to just get the info down and not worry that I don't sound as cool as Ali Edwards or as heartfelt as Stephanie Howell. I'm me and that's good enough for my family!
This week consisted of some pretty unique things. Along with our normal preschool and the kids playing school, we got to head back to our neighbor's house and the kids got to bottle feed their two bummer lambs! We have the best neighbors!

This week also included a ride on the Canby Ferry! Cody and I had gotten a gift card from our dad and so we took Audrey and Cody's boyfriend, Justin along with us. They hadn't ridden the ferry before so it was a real treat! Then we have Mickey helping Andrew do yard work, and help me scrap and help Daddy put up stuff in my scrap room. He was quite the helper! He also got to go to another birthday party this weekend. Andrew took him and they stayed for hours. Kinda wore Andrew out. Heh! Aud was styling a unique hat and I took Lilly for a walk where we watched one of the neighbor's practice landings and take off. Again, we have the coolest neighbors! On the last page is some of Aud's artwork, eating dessert first for Leap Day, walking to the neighbor's and playing with our goat afterwards and a Lego creation of Mickey's. There's also another picture of Mickey and Aud playing school and the story of how Audrey picked Strawberry Shortcake as the theme for her party next month.

I'm pretty proud of myself this week because not only did I get 'er done quickly, I also included a lot of ephemera! I'd kind of gotten out of the habit of keeping little things because I always intended to scrap them but never got around to it. Now, I am. Go, me!

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