Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Crafty Garage Sale!

This weekend my mom and I held our second ever Crafters Garage Sale!  Yep, you read that right, a garage sale with just crafting supplies.  That ought to give you a bit of an insight as to why I have as much scrappy stuff as I do.  It was bred into me!  Hee!

Here's some of the paper I sold.  I was going to sell it by the sheet but was a little worried about it getting dog-eared as people looked through it.  So, I bagged them by collection, brand, color or style and sold each bag for $1-$2.   
Here's the quilting section of our sale.  My mom's an avid quilter who is having some breathing issues and may have to give up her hobby.  Right now she's paring down her stash and stripping down her craft room to see if it helps.  Her fabric sold like wildfire as she had it marked for $2 a yard and the packages were buy two get one free!
Here's our stamping section.  About half of the sets along the back are mine the rest of them and the individual ones are Mom's.  She's not quitting stamping but she did do a big purge.  She's trying to keep from having anything in her craft room sitting out on the counters because all it does is attract dust which bugs her.  We didn't sell as many stamps but we did find out that we can donate them to Doernbecher's, so that's where most of the individual stamps will go!  :)
Here's our last big section, the scrapbooking section!  Yeah, this is mostly my stuff.  Hee!  I was really happy with how this went.  Out of all the scrappy stuff, I only had a few embellies/stickers left and all the paper was gone!  My two bigger items, the Stampmaker and the Revolution didn't sell but they were kind of a bigger ticket item, more suited for Craig's List than a garage sale.  :)
Oh, and the paper? All gone!  Yippee!!!

Here's a quick shot of our sale, mostly set up.  The center tables had storage items, Longaberger baskets, miscellaneous crafting items and a few random decor pieces.  Oh, and you can see my lovely mom in the back right corner!  :)

All it all, our sale was a huge success.  We made room in our craft areas, added some cash to our wallets and helped others add to their stashes!
The best part for me? I got to spend lots of time with my mom!

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Samantha said...

Awesome!! You guys really cleared out a lot of stuff. When we moved last year, I also did a big purge of my crafting items. My friend let me put my stuff in her garage sale and it sold like hot cakes! Now we're gearing up for yet another garage sale.