Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Computer Issues & Hip Issues =MIA Erica!

Sorry I've been a little absent lately.  My desktop got crazy slow for a while and I had to stop blogging for a bit, it took a day to get a post up!  Yikes!  Anyway, I got my desktop back up and running a lot speedier (thanks, Bill!!!!) and then my left hip started acting up.  It's really crazy, it only hurts when I sit for a while.  So, I'm still a bit behind on everything.  Today, I'm hoping to share some of my Nook layouts and then get my latest Punky Sprouts album scheduled for tomorrow.  (This album is soooo not my normal style and I love it!) 

Here we go with the Nook layouts!  :)

A little layout about Aud turning three.  We had to lift elements from three different layouts posted.  I lifted the white background, the mist splotches, the butterflies and the kit I used. 
 I love this little folded paper piece I made.  It's so cute!  I don't recommend using a striped paper though, it took a bit of work to get them to line up!
 I punched these butterflies out of patterned paper, Punky Sprouts Lil' Lacey Blossoms and layered some of them. 
 A little clustering at the top of the layout with a three to show her age. 
 I can't remember what the challenge was for this layout, but I've been wanting to scrap these pics forever and I think they were just made for this Lily Bee paper!
 This last layout was for the challenge to have one or more film strips on your page.  I stamped a few underneath the photo of our Devo.  We still miss him so!

I added one bright yellow flower just to symbolize rememberance.  We miss you pal!
Well, that's all my hip can take right now.  I may schedule the rest of my stuff standing up if I can't get it to feel better in the next half hour or so.  Wish me luck!

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