Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Reunion

So, you may be wondering why I'm back all of the sudden.  I've got two words.  New.  Computer!!!!

With my old computer, it would take me ages to get a blog post ready.  Uploading photos, choosing them, editing them all took a ridiculously long time.  Now, the only thing slowing me up is the speed at which Blogger will accept my photos!  LOL!  With my bad hip and a crazy busy six weeks, I just didn't have the ability to blog.  But now I'm back!  Brace yourselves folks, there's a bunch coming!

Here's one of the events that kept July and the first half of August so crazy family reunion!  This year, Andrew only stayed one night and we brought Lilly with us.  Lilly did really well in the car considering how little she goes for rides.  She got sick three times on the way over and once on the way back.  I was well prepared with towels so no big deal.  :)

My cousin and another cousin's daughter.

My cousin and her girls.

The daughter of another cousin (there's over 20 of us cousins!) who was supposed to be napping but was hilariously opening the tent door from her pack-n-play. 

Little Man and his second cousin.

Our Lilly!

The little kids were having camping chair wars, leaning into each other, falling over and erupting in giggles!!!

The playground that wasn't there when we were kids!

One way to get a bunch of kids to let you take their pic...funny faces!

A group of my dad's cousins and family that came up from California!!!

And finally, a group shot with most of us.  (A few had already left and some were out on the water, I think.)

I didn't get as many pictures as last year due to having the dog and not having Andrew there the whole time but I still got plenty of family time and that's the most important!

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