Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting All Dolled Up!

We attended Andrew's cousin's wedding this weekend.  It was a lovely wedding at a gorgeous outdoor venue.  Their colors were green and brown and it was just beautiful.
Here's a shot of Andrew's cousin George and his lovely bride, Jenn cutting the cake.
After the ceremony, I decided that this would be a perfect time to get some shots of my little family as we were all dolled up for the wedding. 
I picked the settings on this one and Andrew took the picture.  Aud's smile is a little less than happy, don't you think?  LOL!  She was either not looking at the camera, giving a huge funny faced grin, or this.  I chose this.  ;)

After that, I grabbed Andrew's sister Kathy and begged her to be my tripod so that I could get this next shot.  Evidence of me...in a skirt!  Whoo-hoo!!!
And, another shot by Kathy of Andrew and I. 

 I really like how these turned out (the light was gorgeous!) and I may be ordering some of these as canvases for our home.  I especially love the one of Andrew with the kids, so cute!  Next time, I'm getting one of all four of us though!

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